Back to School With New Hampshire Gymnastics

With August well underway, many parents and kids are gearing up to head back to school.  With new schedules and new outfits, it feels like a fresh start is underway.  With new beginnings comes new adventures.  Thus, why not consider enrolling your child in a new program, or class, to spark a new level of […]

Interesting Facts About Gymnastics That You May Not Have Known

Although gymnastics is a widely popular and common sport these days, this was not always the case.  The sport of gymnastics has evolved over the centuries.  Encompassing more talent and more events over the years, gymnastics is now a highly competitive and respected sport that has gained worldwide attention.  So much so that the Olympic […]

What, Exactly, is Gymnastics?

Today kids are more involved than ever with physical activities.  With terms flying left and right, how is one to know what the kids are referring? For instance, there’s cheer, tumbling, gymnastics, and dance.  Unless you’re the parent or guardian of a child that’s involved, you’re often left scratching your head thinking, “Aren’t they all […]

Summer Programs: Gymnastics in New Hampshire

With the school year drawing to an end, many parents have plans well underway for the summer months.  However, if you have a few weeks here and there that you haven’t entirely filled, consider enrolling your child into gymnastics in New Hampshire.  These types of summer programs provide children with many beneficial and healthy features.  […]

Keep Your Middle Schooler Busy with NH Gymnastics

Keeping your children involved with social activities is important for several different reasons.  Social development, as well as the physical health of your child, are equally important. The teenage years can be tricky ones.  With many activity options available, it can be overwhelming to choose which is best suited, or which your child will take […]

Gymnastics for Teens

The teenage years can be some of the most challenging.  A sense of self seems to take presence more than ever.  As parents, we may find ourselves struggling to help but tip-toeing to do so.  Gymnastics places in NH are a great way to give your teen the needed winter boost of activity.  There are […]

Gymnast Nutrition

No matter your age, size, or how many hours you put into the gym, your success in gymnastics depends on your nutrition. Fueling your body with nutrient-dense snacks and meals helps you perform optimally and can prepare muscles for long practices. What you feed your gymnast after a workout can also impact how they recover, […]

Safety in the Gym

Gymnastics is a cool sport at any age. Being able to twist, turn, and tumble are exciting skills to learn. It’s also very easy to get an injury if performed incorrectly or in an unsafe environment. Here at Nashua School of Gymnastics, we’re dedicated to teaching young athletes the relevant safety precautions to be safe […]

Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics

  There is no question about the benefits that come with regular exercise and participating in various sports. But some parents may wonder how old a child should be when they sign up for different activities. At Nashua School of Gymnastics, we offer preschool gymnastics classes for children as young as 18 months. Programs We […]

Finding The Best Gymnastics Class

With so many schools, class types, and other options out there in the open, it can be hard to figure out which gymnastics class is best for your child. Still, it doesn’t have to be impossible! Nashua School of Gymnastics offers quality classes for anyone interested in gymnastics in NH, so we’re happy to share […]