When You’re Looking For Gymnastics Places In NH…

Nashua School of Gymnastics is the only answer you’ll need. We offer classes across many age groups and abilities, from parent/toddler classes, all the way up to our competitive USA gymnastics team and prep optional programs. No matter if your gymnast is just starting out or is a seasoned pro, Nashua School of Gymnastics (NSG) […]

A Track Record of Excellence in New Hampshire Gymnastics

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford While Henry Ford may not have been a gymnast, his words still ring true to the values held at the Nashua School of Gymnastics (NSG), helping to put gymnasts of all ages on the path of excellence in New Hampshire […]

Boys and Gymnastics

Gymnastics is often times looked at as a feminine sport due to the costumes, flexibility aspect and performance based nature of it, but Gymnastics in Nashua NH is creating a great experience for boys with a multitude of benefits. Physical strength and flexibility: If your son wants to play any other sports, gymnastics is a […]

New Hampshire Gymnastics: Basic Moves To Learn

Gymnastics can be a fun sport for children. Following are some of the basic moves your child may learn at our New Hampshire gymnastics classes at The Nashua School of Gymnastics. Participation can be a natural instinct because it incorporates a number of activities they may already enjoy such as jumping, swinging and flipping. Somersault […]

Gymnastics in Nashua NH: How To Choreograph Floor Routines

Many gymnasts live for competitions, as these can prove the gymnast’s work and dedication to his or her sport. But for many first time gymnasts, or for the parent who needs help coming up with a routine to show, the fine art of choreographing a routine can seem daunting. Below is a short guide to […]

Why Do Gymnasts Use Chalk?

In most gymnasiums, a tub of chalk is always available and many gymnasts will liberally dust their hands with it. But have you ever wondered why many NH gymnasts use chalk and what the chalk is made of? The answer may surprise you! Uses Because gymnasts use a lot of equipment, it is crucial that […]

The Road To The Olympics

The road to becoming a Olympian in gymnastics requires a lot of training and dedication to the sport. An estimated 97,000 children are enrolled in the Junior Olympics program, but only a small handful are selected to represent the US in international competitions.   The Junior Olympics Gymnastics Program This competitive program is run by […]

What Are The Physical Benefits of Gymnastics?

With a spike in the amount of technology available today, many parents want nothing more than to see their child get up off the couch and get active! Gymnastics is the perfect sport to do so. In addition to the short-term benefits of preventing late night video game sessions, many parents are not aware of […]

Gift Ideas For Gymnasts

Some parents and family members wonder what to get for the gymnast who is always on the move. What is the perfect gift? Chances are, you can usually find at least one thing that a gymnast would really like from the seemingly endless array of choices. Pins and Display Racks Some gymnasts love their pins […]