A Track Record of Excellence in New Hampshire Gymnastics

New Hampshire gymnastics“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

-Henry Ford

While Henry Ford may not have been a gymnast, his words still ring true to the values held at the Nashua School of Gymnastics (NSG), helping to put gymnasts of all ages on the path of excellence in New Hampshire gymnastics. Since 1978, NSG has been providing both girls and boys with the confidence, skills, and commitment to excel in the world of gymnastics, while still maintaining a fun and engaging environment for all ages and many years to come.

Owner Donna Tremblay has a proven track record when it comes to both teaching and participating in gymnastics. A gymnast for over 25 years, Donna has the real-life experience to go along with her 25 years of coaching for preschool, recreational, and tumbling, as well as competitive teams. The years of dedication and accomplishment Donna carries translates into the attention, care, and success that is given to and seen in every gymnast at the Nashua School of Gymnastics.

With classes designed for every age and experience level, NSG offers the opportunity for gymnasts to excel. The parent and toddler class is geared towards our younger gymnasts just starting out, from ages 18 months to three years old. Participants engage in interactive and age-appropriate activities and lessons to develop gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and social interaction in a group setting. Young gymnasts can then progress to Pre-School, Recreational, and Tumbling classes as they grow and develop their gymnastic abilities.

From great beginnings to award-winning success can be found at NSG. As your gymnast grows their skills and experience, they can advance to the teams of levels Prep-Optional, and Optional, and have the chance to participate in multiple competitions. The teamwork and dedication showcased in every NSG class and level reinforces the capability of excellence in New Hampshire gymnastics we see in every one of our gymnasts.

For more information about New Hampshire gymnastics, call Nashua School of Gymnastics at 603-880-4927.