The Benefits of Toddler Gymnastics

If your child is at the age where playdates and mommy and me classes are part of your vocabulary, then it may be time to consider gymnastics in NH. Toddler classes are an excellent way to expose your children to group activities while focusing on developmental milestones. Here at the Nashua School of Gymnastics, we have several levels of classes to focus on age-appropriate skills.

gymnastics NH

Gross Motor Skills

Although many children will develop this skill naturally, it’s imperative to provide them with the tools that they need to keep growth on track. Gross motor skills focus on the bigger picture. Areas such as muscle development and movement fall into this category. These physical skills that use large body movements are encouraged and taught in toddler gymnastic classes. Whether the activity involves passing a ball back or forth or learning to jump, gymnastics and gross motor skills go hand in hand.


Hand-Eye Coordination

Another essential skill that NH gymnastics classes will teach your child is hand-eye coordination. The coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement is vital to everyday functioning. With the incorporation of a fun, energetic routine, your child will develop this skill without even realizing it. Grabbing objects while interactively playing will not only improve coordination skills but social and balancing as well.


Strength and Agility

Most parents don’t look at their children and think about strength building. However, this is a crucial step when considering reaching the next milestone. For example, your child won’t walk until they have developed enough leg strength. Gymnastics is the perfect way for toddlers to build strength, agility, and flexibility while having fun. Geared towards this age group, our Bitty Bugs class encourages core strength to help your child reach those milestones with ease.


If you’re looking for a way get out of the house while having your toddler in tow, consider contacting Nashua School of Gymnastics. Our range of toddler and preschool programs are the perfect solution. Not only will your child be encouraged to developmentally grow, but you’ll have 45 minutes to socialize with other parents! Call us today for more information 603.880.4927.