Gift Ideas For Gymnasts

Some parents and family members wonder what to get for the gymnast who is always on the move. What is the perfect gift? Chances are, you can usually find at least one thing that a gymnast would really like from the seemingly endless array of choices.

Pins and Display Racks

Some gymnasts love their pins and will want pins for every event they participate in or to remember certain events. Some will decorate their bags and jackets with them while others will display them all over their bedroom. For easy pin display, a simple cork bulletin board will allow for display without the pins falling all over the place. Competitive gymnasts will also receive a lot of ribbons and will want an attractive place to display them. Metal racks can be found and are a great way to keep ribbons together and looking organized.

Clothing and Equipment

If your gymnast’s bag has been looking a little ratty as of late, surprise him or her this holiday season with a new one! A gymnast’s bag becomes their “mobile office”-a place to shove hair ties, bottles of water, snacks, grips and extra leotards.

Speaking of grips, instead of hunting for them, a new grip bag is a great gift idea. Most gyms require gymnasts to wear grips when doing bars and some will want to bring along a small bag just for the grips instead of lugging their entire duffel bag with them.

Some gymnasts may like having a new leotard, but be sure to ask the parents or coaches first. Some coaches have color restrictions on leotards. For your gymnast’s downtime, a snuggly hoodie or a graphic t-shirt may become his or her new favorite piece of clothing!


Especially for a young gymnast, there is nothing better than to have a new necklace or a watch to show off his or her love for their chosen sport!

While it may seem like finding a gift for a gymnast is very hard, in reality, many gymnasts would appreciate a gift related to gymnastics. Whether you purchase him or her a new bag or a snazzy new watch, that gift will be treasured for years to come.

Check out the Nashua School of Gymnastics for more ideas to get a better perspective on what a perfect gift for your gymnast could be!