Gymnastics for Teens

The teenage years can be some of the most challenging.  A sense of self seems to take presence more than ever.  As parents, we may find ourselves struggling to help but tip-toeing to do so.  Gymnastics places in NH are a great way to give your teen the needed winter boost of activity.  There are several benefits of enrolling your teenager in a class, even if they have no experience.


Gymnastics is an intense sport.  Consistency and determination are keys to success.  With support from their peer and teachers, students are pushed to be their best self. By setting and achieving goals, students become stronger and master skills they never thought possible.  Confidence levels are boosted.  Students feel and see their results through their self-drive and discipline.

Social Skills

NSG offers a mixed level class for teens.  The class allows the first time student to work with a peer that may be further along with their skills.  Working together provides the opportunity socialization.  Students are encouraged to learn and think as a team, as well as independently.  Floor routines in the team setting require teamwork.

Healthy Self Image

Many teenagers struggle with eating disorders.  To succeed in gymnastics, a calorie-filled day of healthy choices is vital.  Food is fuel. Being physically active is proven to boost self-esteem while warding off any feeling of anxiety or depression.   Gymnastics keeps your child moving while teaching healthy habits.

If the long months of New England winters find your teenager plopping down with their device, you may find yourself looking for gymnastics places in NH.   Nashua School of Gymnastics offers a variety of classes for all skill levels.  Contact them today to see what classes are best for you at (603) 880-4927

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