New Hampshire Gymnastics: Basic Moves To Learn

Gymnastics can be a fun sport for children. Following are some of the basic moves your child may learn at our New Hampshire gymnastics classes at The Nashua School of Gymnastics. Participation can be a natural instinct because it incorporates a number of activities they may already enjoy such as jumping, swinging and flipping.


Children may initially have trouble doing a somersault on the floor. We can help them learn this move by creating a small slop with pads. This will help them start to learn with downward momentum. Once they get the hang of it, we can give it try on floor mats. New Hampshire gymnastics


If your child doesn’t already know how to do a handstand, he or she can begin to learn with New Hampshire gymnastics using the support of a wall. A way to teach them the move is to have them put their back to wall. They put their hands on the floor and walk their feet up the wall until they are almost fully extended facing the wall. When they are comfortable doing it this way, they can turn around and try it facing outwards. The wall is behind them for support should they need it.


A wheelbarrow is not an official gymnastics move, but it can be help build strength and coordination as well as being fun. We can hold their feet while they walk around on the floor with their hands. To make it more challenging, their legs can be lifted higher.

Balance Beam

We introduce the balance beam at The Nashua School of Gymnastics. Most New Hampshire gymnastics classes work with low beams that are only several inches above the floor. Children can practice walking on it to get comfortable. Once they are ready, they can try to walk backwards and sideways. For a bigger challenge, they can try hopping and skipping.

A class at a New Hampshire gymnastics school like NSG can be a great way to introduce your child to the sport. The Nashua School of Gymnastics has classes for children starting at 18 months old all the way to up to Elite level 10 instructions. Feel free to browse our website for a full schedule and all of the classes available.