Gymnastics NH: Fundamental Moves To Know


Gymnastics NH


Gymnastics in NH is an excellent sport for any age or skill level to join. Beyond flexibility and self-esteem, gymnastics provides various benefits on a multitude of levels. Depending on the age, the sport offers benefits from the preschool level through those fun filled teenage years! However, when starting, there are fundamental moves to master. Although this may seem intimidating, many of our participants find the foundation of gymnastics to be natural.

In this article, we’re taking a look at a few of the fundamentals and how they’ll help you along your journey.



Even those not enrolled in a gymnastics program have attempted the somersault! However, it’s not uncommon for our littlest gymnasts to initially experience some difficulty. This is where our team of experts comes in. With encouragement, training, and the right equipment, we’ll help your child learn to roll safely. Staring with a slope to encourage the downward movement, they’ll eventually move to the floor mats.



If your child doesn’t already know how to do a handstand, he or she can begin to learn by using the support of a wall. As a perfect solution, a wall supports the proper form while providing confidence. Your child starts by placing their hands on the floor and slowly walking their feet up the wall. Once comfortable, we’ll encourage them to turn and face outward, away from the wall. Knowing the wall is not far away often increases the chance of success!



Although the wheelbarrow is not an official gymnastics move, it can help build strength and coordination. Besides, they’re super fun! Our trainers provide support by holding their feet while they walk around on the floor with their hands. If the exercise seems easy, don’t worry; lifting the legs a bit higher will give them the challenge they need!


Balance Beam

We introduce the balance beam at The Nashua School of Gymnastics. Most NH gymnastics classes work with low beams that are only inches above floor level. Children practice walking on the beam to gain balance. Once ready, gymnasts are encouraged to walk backwards and sideways. For an even greater challenge, they can try hopping and skipping.


NH gymnastics is an excellent way to provide your child with strength, flexibility, courage, and self-esteem. At Nashua School of Gymnastics, we have decades of experience working with all levels. From 18 months to Elite level 10 instruction, you can have confidence that your child is in the best hands!

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