NH Gymnastics: Choreographing Floor Routines

NH gymnastics



Many gymnasts live for competitions, as these events showcase the gymnast’s work and dedication to his or her sport. However, for many first time gymnasts or parents, creating a floor routine can be overwhelming.  NH gymnastics is a competitive sport and when the gymnast takes the floor, you want them to shine to their fullest. Choreographing a routine is a fine art that requires a certain know-how.  In this article, we’re providing you with a few tips and considerations to help your gymnast rock the floor!


What is the gymnast’s ability?

Working with the gymnast to figure out his or her skills is the starting point for any floor routine.  Before beginning, create a list of skillsets for the specific level at hand, and then test your athlete.  Each level has its own requirements and expectations.  By highlighting those skills that your gymnast excels in, while including all compulsory elements, you’ll have a well-rounded routine.


Don’t underestimate the element of music

Your music selection is as important as the routine itself.  Choosing music that represents your gymnasts style is one of the best ways to have the routine and music jive seamlessly.  From there, listening to the music over and over again will allow you to visualize which elements of the routine will fit in where.  Slower parts may be suited for dance while upbeat rhythms may enhance the tumbling.  Regardless of what music your routine incorporates, it needs to be seamless with the gymnast’s moves.


Map out a routine before practices begin

Now that you’ve listened to the music so many time you hear it while you’re sleeping, it’s time to put your visions to work! Before meeting with the gymnast, jot down the details of the routine so that intricate details aren’t lost.  Once you’re on the floor, consider where the judges are sitting.  Working strategically, place the gymnast closet to the judges during their display of strong skillsets. Staying within the athlete’s comfort zone is crucial.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

Even Olympic athletes practice over and over again.  If you can’t make it to the gym, practice skills within the space you’re allotted.  The use of a mirror or video camera are excellent ways to self-critique.


If you’re not experienced in NH gymnastics, it’s always best to consult with the athlete’s coach before taking on choreography.  For more information on the Nashua School of Gymnastics and how our team can help your gymnast excel, call us today at (603) 880-4927.