Safety in the Gym

Gymnastics is a cool sport at any age. Being able to twist, turn, and tumble are exciting skills to learn. It’s also very easy to get an injury if performed incorrectly or in an unsafe environment. Here at Nashua School of Gymnastics, we’re dedicated to teaching young athletes the relevant safety precautions to be safe in gymnastics.

Overuse Injuries

Let’s start with problems that are the most overlooked. Overuse and repetitive injuries can occur in almost any sport, but they are also easily preventable. Ask high school or college athletes, how many of them have repetition injuries in their elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees? We work hard to instill good habits from an early age to help prevent these injuries. Stretching is vital to prevention, as is proper technique. Using improper form can also expose your gymnast to other painful injuries, like sprained ankles and wrists.

Sprains, Breaks, and Tears

Sprained ankles and wrists and foot injuries are the most common for young gymnasts. These come from landing improperly or falling off equipment. Although not 100% preventable, we try to minimize this occurrence by always practicing in a safer area of the gym before moving to the equipment. We also teach proper use of the equipment, and how to behave when someone else is using it. Using gear like wrist straps and grips can also help make gymnasts more comfortable and prevent these types of injuries.

Creating a Safe Environment

Gymnasts must do their part to stay safe, but we do ours as well. In addition to always making sure equipment is set up correctly and is in proper working order, we also instill good practices and teach our gymnasts what it means to be an educated athlete. Beyond injury prevention, this includes educating gymnasts about proper mental health and nutrition, as well as creating an environment in which they feel comfortable.

Although we only see our students during practice, we recognize the importance of being well rounded in all areas of life. Part of that is making sure they stay happy and healthy while in our gym. For more information about our programs, please visit our site here.