Toddlers and Gymnastics

Gymnastics places in NHSummer is here (finally) and it is time to find exciting New Hampshire activities for your little one! Envision a fun gymnastics place in NH where your tot can explore their new ability to crawl, jump, balance, climb and so much more in a colorful and safe environment. Not only is your child having a blast at the Nashua School of Gymnastics, he or she is also developing coordination and other beneficial life skills! Here are just a few reasons why toddlers and gymnastics are a great fit…

  • Active Play – During each class your toddler is establishing the link between fun and exercise! As well as the obvious benefits of exercise, gymnastics can boost your child’s physical well being later in life by reducing the risk of injury and disease, so it is important to advocate your toddler’s play as early as possible!
  • Social Skills – Gymnastics is a great way to build your toddler’s life skills! While playing and exercising your little one is simultaneously learning to take turns with his or her peers! It is also the best way for your child to understand and enjoy sharing and peer interaction, leading to an easier adjustment into adulthood.
  • Vestibular Development – Playing in your local gymnastics place in NH also contributes to the development of your babe’s Vestibular System, or balance! Gymnastics is the perfect way to easily advance important skills such as: head position, hand-eye coordination, eye control, attention, security in movements and even language development.
  • Strength – Not only is your child having fun, they are also developing physical strength! Starting muscle development in the early stages of life prepares the abilities they need to explore and interact with the rest of the world.
  • Confidence – Learning new skills in gymnastics provides a wonderful sense of encouragement! Each time your child learns a new skill during class the more confidence he or she builds.
  • Courage – This goes hand in hand with your toddler’s confidence! By overcoming fears of a new environment and friends, he or she will not be afraid to challenge themselves later on in life!
  • Flexibility – We all know that flexibility is equally as important as muscle development! Well, gymnastics teaches simple stretching exercises to toddlers that is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Our classes teach proper technique at a young age which can prevent injury and improve performance.
  • Foundation – Teaching your tot gymnastics provides preparation for any future activities!

It’s never too late to sign up for the Parent/Tot classes provided at the Nashua School of Gymnastics in New Hampshire! Who knows you might have a little gymnast on your hands! For further interest, click on one of our links above, calling (603) 880-4927 or stop by our gym at 30 Pond St Nashua.