Why Choose Nashua School of Gymnastics?

gymnastics in NH

Are you looking for a school to enroll in to learn gymnastics in NH? Whether it is for you or someone you know, finding the best space to learn this artful exercise is key. If you live in New Hampshire, we at Nashua School of Gymnastics believe we are a quality choice. Allow us to explain why!


You can count on our staff to deliver the expertise and precision you need to help people learn the art of gymnastics. Our owner, Donna Tremblay, has been in practice for over 25 years. Not to mention our instructors have a variety of certifications and training under their belts to provide their vast knowledge.

Fun for a Variety of Ages

Whether your aspiring gymnast is about a year old or in high school, Nashua School of Gymnastics has a variety of classes to accommodate them. We offer programs that are for plenty of kinds of ages and skill levels, so do not be shy!

We Offer Birthday Parties

If you have someone in your life that wants to have a unique birthday party, give us a call! Our space is available for party rentals, and we would love to take your special day to the next level. Let us know what your requirements are, and we will work with you to create an event to remember.

A Focus on a Good Environment

We understand that gymnastics is a specific art form that requires precision and dedication. Still, we believe a positive environment is essential if you want to absorb information. Our focus is to provide a safe, fun environment for all of our students as they learn the art of gymnastics in NH.

These are just some of the reasons you should enroll your child in Nashua School of Gymnastics if you want to experience gymnastics in NH. To learn more about our company and services, please give us a call at (603)-880-4927!