Work those Gymnast Muscles!

Gymnastics classes in Nashua NHIt is definitely easy to believe that gymnasts use every muscle in their body. They leap, spring, bound, handstand and flip! Not only do gymnasts use every muscle, but they aso use them in every way a muscle can be used. By taking gymnastics classes in Nashua NH at the Nashua School of Gymnastics your child will begin healthy muscle development.


The many positions the body moves through during the back handspring are used on every apparatus. During back handsprings, takeoff and landing, the quadriceps and gluteal muscles produce the most power. The main muscles of the lower legs that a gymnast uses constantly to point, flex and jump are: gastrocnemius, soleus, peroneus longus, extensor digitorum longus, peroneus tertius, extensor digitorum longus, flexor digitorum longus, tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior. Can you believe gymnastics classes in Nashua NH can do ALL of that?


Every movement a gymnast makes the abdominal and pelvic muscles are used. Abdominal contractions and hip flexions are constantly used throughout a gymnastics routine! he opposite motion, which raises the torso up to standing, uses the muscles of the lumbar vertebrae, pelvis and legs. They are called erector spinae, gluteus maximus, semitendinosus, biceps femoris and semimembranosus.

Chest, Back and Arms

The arms, chest and back are all used as well! These muscles work together to assist and oppose each other. They are approached in the back handspring to pass through handstand position and push off the floor. Main muscles used in the mid and upper back are called trapezius, latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularis, teres minor and teres major, rhomboideus major and levator scapulae. All of it with power of fitness. Even muscles in a gymnast’s forearms and neck muscles play an important role!

All of these important structures of the body are used every time you go to your gymnastics class in Nashua NH. To start working your gymnast muscles call Nashua School of Gymnastics at (603) 880-4927 today!